The Joy of Reading

Enjoying books and reading stories from a very early age is crucial in the development of children. It helps with their ability to understand words, use their imagination, develop speech and enjoy an engaging pastime.

Handwriting Matters

It is important to inculcate good handwriting at an early age. Teaching young students how to write by hand before moving on to keyboarding can help improve their reading fluency as well.

The wonder of ABACUS

Abacus is a highly effective tool to teach fast and error-free calculations to children. Studies have shown how using Abacus develops higher self-confidence and enhances logical thinking.

Nothing beats Dancing

There are physical benefits of indulging in dance classes as a child. Through dance, children develop a greater range of movement whilst developing the ability to work within different spaces.

Fun With Drawing,
Art & Craft

Creative activities such as drawing, art & craft help children to be more focused and have better concentration. Drawing, painting, sticking, creating and crafting are very important to inculcate in the formative years of children.

Lego & Robotics For Young Beginners

We believe in nurturing kids right from their pre-primary school days to develop mind skills that can be the stepping stone to a brilliant career.Drawing, painting, sticking, creating and crafting are very important to inculcate in the formative years of children.

Master It With French, German, Spanish, Chinese Classes

Our children usually pick up 2-3 languages that include English, the mother tongue and another regional language. However, knowing a foreign language always puts your child at an advantage.

Perfect Conversation
Classes For Toddlers

As a toddler, your child is starting to master languages. We at Wings encourage toddler talking skills with everyday play ideas – listening to your child, chatting together, singing and telling stories.

Coding: The Next Big

Learning how to code at a young age can truly set up your child for a lifetime of success. Developing programming skills early in life enhances logical thinking and sharpens young minds.

Gain Proficiency In
Cue Maths

Brilliant alumni from the prestigious IITs, IIMs, Harvard and Cambridge have designed the Cue Math program to make math learning a fun-filled activity.

Master the game
of Chess

The benefits of learning to playing chess are manifold!

  • Inculcates the spirit of winning and losing.
  • Develops creativity.
  • Builds confidence.
  • Develops problem-solving skills.

The art of Storytelling

Storytelling is the oldest form of teaching. Children remember lessons more vividly when they are told stories on a regular basis. Storytelling improves a child’s listening as well as conversational skills.

Express Yourself With Language,
Math And Communication

Children express their thoughts and feelings through language. Creative communication is very important for young minds. We, through our creative language classes, provide a wide variety of experiences for social interaction.

Reap Health Benefits With Fitness Activities & Gymnastics

Fitness is one of the most essential aspects for a growing child. Indulging in fitness activities like gymnastics makes the child physically strong and agile while also improving posture, balance and flexibility – all of which go a long way in shaping their personalities in the long run.

The Critical Workshop Of
Mother Toddler

Our mother toddler workshop is based on the Montessori principles and heuristic play. The active hands- on approach promotes emerging language and listening skills.

Develop Confidence In Conversation/Public Speaking

Conversation skills are one of the most important life skills. It is especially important for children because it helps them to make friends, communicate with others and ask for things they want.

Fluency In Hindi

Hindi, being our national language, becomes essential for every child to know. Our standardized curriculum ensures that all the basics are covered and the young minds have fun while learning how to read, write and speak the language.

Perfect Emoting With Speech & Drama

Speech and drama is an extremely effective way for children to learn the nuances of effective communication, a skill which is fundamentally important in any career pursuit later in life.

Sports for holistic development

Sports can help your child to be more relaxed as it provides the youngster with an environment where she can unwind, develop team spirit and improve her fitness levels.

Get agile with Taekwondo

With a host of positives like boosting leadership and discipline, the scientific Korean art of Taekwondo has become very important to be introduced to children.

Develop The Art Of Creative Writing

Creative writing develops the thought process and problem-solving abilities of the young ones. It also allows the child to express their opinions and improve their logical skills.

The spontaneity of Doodling

The reason for the popularity of doodling is the fact that it has no direction and no guidelines to abide by. It is purely a product of creativity in its raw form – the very reason why children should be introduced to this in the first place.

Gardening: The First Steps To Being Environmentally-Conscious

The whole act of planting a seed, watching it sprout and grow into a plant gives children a unique sense of satisfaction as well as instills in them a sense of duty and responsibility.

Explore The Magic
Of Yoga

Yoga for children makes them stronger and helps them avoid bad posture, a growing problem in today’s day and age. Not only that, it teaches discipline, mind power and provides a medium to ease stress and anxiety levels – all of which are very relevant nowadays.

Music: Without Boundaries

Music is known to improve cognitive skills like concentration while also accelerating brain development in children.

Mind power with Sudoku

Sudoku is one of those activities which thoroughly exercise all the grey matter in our brain. Not only does it improve reasoning, logic and problem-solving; it also teaches focus and patience.

Perceiving the world with General Knowledge

Knowing about the current affairs of the world, major events, cultures, religions, history and so on go a long way in broadening the horizon of every child.

Encyclopedia(Science) For Knowledge

Children by nature are very curious beings and need to know about the world – the reason they should be exposed to the study of science and an encyclopedia.

Mastering Language With Phonics

Phonics enables children to decode letters into their respective sounds and pronunciation, a skill which becomes very important for language acquisition and reading. 

Get The Edge Through

Most children nowadays need after-school help in their academics to realize their true potential and our teachers make sure that happens.

Explore The Benefits Of Music & Movement For Toddlers

Dancing on songs and rhymes is anyway a lot of fun for children. Our ‘Music and Movement’ classes brings with itself a whole array of benefits towards their growth as well – it helps them stay fit and active while also teaching them manners and coordination.

Develop Grey Matter With
Vedic Maths

Vedic Math helps children to be more proficient in mental mathematical calculations. Not only does it make them faster and more accurate while reducing the dependency on calculators, it also improves sharpness and creativity.

Learning With Skating

Skating provides children a medium to be physically fit and active, while having fun. It also leads to improved posture, balance, flexibility and coordination.

The Power Of Concept

0-6 years of age is the most sensitive age for children. Thus encouraging concept development in children of this age group is an important step in building knowledge of the arts, mathematics, science, technology as well as other aspects of everyday life.

Be Conscientious With
Language, Maths & Evs

Along with Language and Mathematics, EVS (Environmental Science) is also important for children. EVS learning provides an opportunity for children to explore, investigate and develop an understanding of the natural, human, social and cultural dimensions of the local and wider environments.

Ballet The Only Way
To Do It Is To Do It

Ballet is an excellent activity for young kids. Through Ballet classes kids learn to follow instructions. They gain a sense of discipline through learning new positions.

Classical Dance;- Poetry With Arms And Legs

Don’t think much and make it happen and let your kid leverage the best out of Indian Classical Dance. There are unending benefits of learning it. Classical Dance is a great way to impart both physical & mental fitness.

Rubik’s Cube Let’s Twist And Turn Again

Wings teaches Rubik’s cubes to kids as young as five years old. … Learning to play the Rubik’s cube improves a person’s muscle memory and patience.