“Happy and secure children are ready to take on the next new stage of life”

The first Years of a child’s life are important for the development of their brain and with that, their skills. Children at a young age need to socialize, collaborate and develop their emotional, cognitive, physical and speaking skills. This development must occur in an environment where the child feels loved and cared for. This is where Wings Day Care Centre comes into play.

At Wings Day Care we provide a rich and stimulating learning environment through play where all aspects of the child’s development, interests and needs are thoroughly taken care of.

An extensive program offers fun and exciting activities for kids that will support their physical and mental growth through their different development stages. Children will grow and learn while playing and having fun. We provide age-appropriate programs and activities for children, where they enjoy gym time, story time, art and crafts, science experiments, dramatic plays and more. Our daycare is also equipped with bunk beds that allow children to have quiet time and can take a nap if needed. We also inculcate sharing, eating as well as table manners during lunch and snack time.

We understand the particular needs of a child and thus accordingly we have customized the setup and design of our Day Care center which provides –

A fully air conditioned, safe, learning and homely environment.
An organized day by day timetable with making arrangements for nutritious suppers.
Highly qualified and experienced faculty.
Monthly development screening.
After school tutorials.
Children’s engagement in creative activities, educational games and interactive learning through Music and Movement, Storytelling, Art and Craft, etc.
Great Health and cleanliness with age suitable tools
Adequate rest periods.

Parents Code of Conduct