Our Journey

Founded in 2016 we developed 3 centres in Kolkata by 2020 offering 25+ activities for the growth and development of children. We provide daycare centres, pre-school and other co-curriculum activities. Our journey continues to empower children.

Mission & Vision Statement

We are on a mission to  empower children with the potential to become the innovators of tomorrow. Our vision is to see every child in India having access to every tool they need, to become confident individuals with multiple skills and trained to seize opportunities in life. 

The Wings Advantage

Our content is all-encompassing and has been developed after amalgamating the best of 5 different methodologies of pre-school. We have professionally qualified, experienced and trained teachers who understand the importance of high-quality child education. 

About Us

Welcome to Wings

We are a fast growing Preschool, Day Care, Multi-activity centre and an ED-Tech platform. It is the brainchild of the principal Ms. Neeta Kanoria, backed by the support of Ms. Priyanka Agarwal, and driven by a dynamic and experienced faculty. Wings Ed-Tech, offers an array of activities and carefully curated courses to foster the all-round development of children.



Our comprehensive activities help our students develop critical life skills required to become independent, confident and mindful.


Our Events


Summer Camp

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Location: Kolkata


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Location: Kolkata

Art Exhibition

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Location: India


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Location: Kolkata


Ed-Tech Ecosystem

Our EdTech ecosystem stands to bring about a lasting change in the world concerning balancing work and parenthood.

Gamified Learning Experience

Unique and innovative learning experience for the children.

Real-Time Updates

Parents can get real-time updates of their child’s activities and are assured of our quality services.

Live Training Sessions

Our EdTech platforms can also be used for attending live co-curricular activity training sessions for over 25+ activities.

Trusted Partnership

We are committed to being a trusted partner for families and corporates to nurture children in their early lives.
Our Blog

News & Article

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Are your teachers professionally trained ?

    Our teachers serve as eligible mentors, friends, and guides, rather than taskmasters and disciplinarians. Each of our students are treated with utmost respect and we are strictly against condescension, external control, and domination.
  • Q. Is your outdoor play area supervised?

    We have CCTV cameras and 24x7 surveillance in all classrooms and outdoor spaces. We have well-trained staff and dedicated teachers to cater to your child's needs at all times.
  • Q. What is the right age for my child to move out of Montessori school?

    It is recommended to keep your children in Montessori for at least a year or so to get them accustomed to daily routine. We provide one-on-one consultations with parents to give a detailed report on the child's performance and get them ready for the next step.